Tim Heine

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I am an experienced sales and business development professional with a background in finance and an MBA from Georgetown. In my current role as an Engagement Consultant, I help drive Aptify's business by partnering with clients to create solutions that transform their operations from manual and time-intensive to streamlined and mission-focused.

I spent 7 years in financial regulation at FINRA, after which I left to pursue an MBA at Georgetown University and to explore my long-standing interest in Sales and Business Development. At FINRA, I honed my skills of quickly sizing up businesses, improving processes, and building relationships even under tense conditions (who likes an auditor, after all?)

While at Georgetown, I worked as a consultant for Rio Tinto in Johannesburg, helping them develop metrics to measure the impact of their sustainability efforts. In this role, I was able to bring my financial analysis skills to yet a new industry and was able to provide Rio Tinto with an actionable strategy for directing future CSR efforts.